My Dog's Scared of Fireworks

This is the first of several titles that we have planned. Although articles on this subject appear every year in canine-interest magazines around November, they are necessarily limited in length and therefore in the amount of information they can provide. We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, and as well as offering advice and suggestions for courses of action to try, you will also find practical 'how to' guides.

It's available now from Amazon as an e-book - or if you prefer, as a traditional paperback. Click HERE to go to the UK Amazon page and HERE for the US

A huge number of dogs are affected by fireworks being let off each year - it can be terrifying for them and distressing for owners who are desperate to find a way of helping them to cope with their fears.

Toni and Karen have both owned noise-sensitive dogs themselves, so know from first-hand experience just how horrible it can be - but we have been fortunate enough to find a solution. This book looks at all the options open to you if you have a fearful dog, and explains how to use them successfully - including details of how we (and many others) were able to overcome our pets' firework phobias.



My dog doesn't travel well in the car

Discover the pleasure of going out in the car with a confident, happy dog!

Does your dog suffer from motion sickness when travelling in the car? Bark in your ear, or jump around, making it difficult to concentrate and being a dangerous distraction to the driver? Or perhaps he isn't keen about getting in at all ...

Sharing the car with a poor passenger makes even the shortest of trips stressful and miserable for everyone - but help is at hand!

In this book we share solutions for all the above issues plus offer advice on spotting the warning signs, products and therapies, how to make car journeys more pleasant, and step-by-step training exercises.

Publication on 1st January 2017 - available now for eBook pre-order from Amazon at just 99p! A paperback edition will also be available at the beginning of the month.


What's next?

We are currently hard at work on our next titles, which will offer advice and suggestions for dogs that are destroy the garden, pull on the leash or are in need of housetraining... watch this space for updates or visit our Facebook page Ebooks by Toni Shelbourne & Karen Bush for the latest news.